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New Outdoor

Grandstand Installation

The Kellenberg High School gymnasium project started with an old wooden manual Brunswick bleacher, outdated scoreboards and walls in need of padding.  We came in and recommended all new bleachers, scoreboards and wall pads which would not only get the gym up to date but also increase school spirit.  The Hussey bleacher expands and contracts automatically with the touch of a button.  It has color matched rails, court-side logos, signature logos and very intricate logo end curtains.  The school also chose to match both the wall pads and scoreboards to the bleacher color scheme.  This project is especially interesting because the school decided to reclaim the wood from their old bleacher and use it to make the cap on the top and bottom of the wall pads and the molding that colored glass sits in half way up the gym’s walls.  This job is a great example of how you can update and be green at the same time.  We were happy to be a part of it!

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