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Multi-Sport Practive Cages

Move indoors with our practice cages and never worry about wasting precious practice time due to inclement weather again.  The cages we supply have simple designs but various uses.  Practice swinging at baseballs, softballs, golf balls, tennis balls; practice kicking footballs and soccer balls.  You will find that many activities can easily move indoors with the right equipment.  Practical in application and design, the unit is motor operated. A turn of the key will raise or lower the cage suspended from a rotating drive pipe.


Maintenance Schedule for Multi-Sport Practice Cages

The following procedures should be performed no less than one time per year to insure continued proper operation of Multi-Sport Practice Cages.

  • Check all set screws, nuts and bolts on the motor/winch unit to insure that none have worked loose.

  • Check the limit switch to insure that it is working properly and that the thumb-screws are tight.

  • Insure that the splices on the drive pipe are secure.

  • Visually inspect the practice cage netting support frame for any bends or separation of the splices.

  • Check for any tears in the netting material. If tears are present, repair immediately to prevent further damage.

  • Check for abnormal wear (i.e. fraying) in the hoist cables. Should severe wear be detected, discontinue use of the practice cage immediately and contact Nickerson.


The Nickerson service team can assess your practice cage and upon completion will submit a complete list of any problems that are discovered and submit an estimate to repair such deficiencies.

We have expertise maintaining and installing numerous types of practice cages and accessories including but not limited to:

  • Wireless control upgrades

  • Maintenance inspections

  • Netting repair and/or replacement

  • Hoisting cable repairs

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