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The majority of wear and tear on a locker is on the front door, so why throw out your entire locker body when the frame and trim are still good?  There are various types of locker repair services that Nickerson offers.


Replacement Parts

When a locker becomes damaged, many of the components of the locker can be replaced. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of replacing entire sections of lockers. Some of the parts that can be replaced include:

  • Door and Frame Assemblies

  • Shelf Replacements and Upgrades

  • Locker Handle Replacement and Upgrades

  • Number Tags

  • Lock Hold Cover Plates

  • Sloping Top and End Panel Fabrications

  • Shelf and Side Hook Replacements



Refurbishment can change the entire appearance of your lockers at a fraction of the cost of entire replacement. Nickerson uses Insl-X Electrostatic Paint on the outside and/or inside of lockers. This two part process restores your lockers to a new-like finish. Nickerson can also replace your old, unsafe, lift handle with our patented recessed locker cup. This handle is virtually maintenance free, making it extremely cost effective.



If the configuration of your existing lockers in no longer suited to your needs, or is too costly to maintain, Nickerson can convert your existing lockers to a new configuration. Lockers can be converted to different tier configurations with additional options such as:

  • New Continuous Slope top

  • Heavy Duty Slop Top Overlay

  • Heavy Duty End Panels

  • Retrofit Frame Kit

  • Lockers Bases

  • Honey Combed Doors

  • 14 Gauge Doors

  • Perforated Doors

  • Built-In Combination Locks

  • Padlocks

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