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Electrostatic Painting

Unlike conventional spray processes,  paint is statically drawn only to the metal from all directions, so there is no overspray, spatters or mess.  Electrostatic finishes are extremely tough and flexible, offering superior protection from chemicals and abrasions.


What are the benefits of electrostatic painting over traditional methods?

  • No overspray

  • Excellent color retention

  • Hygienic – the non-porous surface does not create a harbor for MRSA and other pathogens

  • Impervious to disinfectants and common cleaning solutions

  • Factory-like enamel finish (no brush marks)

  • Cost effective

  • Done on-site

  • Dries to the touch in about an hour and is ready for light use the next morning


What are the most popular applications for electrostatic painting?

  • Office furniture

  • School lockers

  • Bathroom partitions

  • Goal posts

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Medical equipment

  • Storefronts/Doors

  • Railings

  • Stairwells

  • Light poles

  • Industrial machinery

  • Ornamental iron

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