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Gym divider curtains offer a cost effective way to separate spaces throughout your gym both physically and visually.  It is important to have you gym dividers reviewed no less than once per year to insure continued proper operation of the gym divider.


Maintenance Schedule for Roll-Up and Top Roll gym Dividers

  • Check all set screws, nuts and bolts on the motor/winch unit to insure that none have worked loose.

  • Check the limit switch to insure that it is working properly and that the screws are tight.

  •  Insure that the splices on the drive pipe are secure.

  • Visually inspect the bottom batten for any bends or separation of the splices.

  • Check for any tears in the curtain. If tears are present, patch immediately to prevent further damage.

  • If curtain is a Roll-Up, check for abnormal wear (i.e. fraying) in the hoist belts.  Should severe wear be detected, discontinue  use of the gym divider immediately and contact Nickerson for an assessment.

  • Clean curtain with mild detergent and water or any off-the-shelf vinyl cleaner.


The Nickerson service team can assess your gym divider curtains and upon completion will submit a complete list of any problems that are discovered and submit an estimate to repair such deficiencies.

We have expertise maintaining and installing numerous types of gym divider curtains and accessories including but not limited to:

  • Fold-Up Gym Dividers

  • Ridge-Fold Gym Dividers

  • Roll-Up Gym Dividers

  • Top-Roll Gym Dividers

  • Standard Gym Divider Winch

  • High Torque Gym Divider Winch

  • Curtain Lok™ Gym Divider Safety Device

  • Plug Kit for Backstop or Divider Winch

  • Audible Alarm Kit for Backstop or Divider Winch

  • Walk-Draw Gym Dividers

  • High Voltage Gym Divider Winch

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