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Cafeteria Tables


At Nickerson, we understand that cafeterias and food courts are an important part of your school.  They are a place for students and faculty to enjoy and build a sense of community while also providing an additional source of income for your school.  Make sure your cafeteria is always fully functional by taking advantage of our highly trained team of service and repair specialists.  Whether you need inspections, replacement parts or new furniture we are here to help!

Inspections and Adjustments

In order to make the most out of your cafeteria tables and chairs they need to be properly inspected and adjusted.  Overtime if furniture becomes loose or fits poorly it may cause problems down the line leading to costly replacement.  Make sure your maintenance staff knows how to properly adjust furniture in order to avoid these issues.  Need help with inspections and adjustment?  Call the professionals and let us handle it for you.


Replacement Parts

We not only sell the most innovative and durable cafeteria furniture on the market but we also provide high quality replacement parts.  Have a few tables or chairs that have come loose or need some extra reinforcement?  We have relationships with all the leading manufacturers and are equipped to fix whatever issue you are having in a timely and cost effective manner.

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