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Auditoriums & Fixed Seating

Renovating an auditorium, lecture hall or preforming arts space can be extremely costly, even before the seats are replaced. Refurbishment of fixed seating utilizes many of the components of your existing seats, and is a fraction of the cost of total replacement. Refurbishment not only saves you money on the seating but generally most of the existing floor anchors can also be reused as well which is another significant savings.

Aside from a cost aspect, there are other reasons why fixed seating refurbishment is a smart decision. Most of the seating in historic venues is irreplaceable and the character of the seat matches the character of the building, to purchase new seats with the same detailing would be immensely costly. Nickerson works with Baker Road Seating Company, who specializes in seat restoration to maintain and facilities’ timeless charm, by restoring historic seating.

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