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We Service & Repair...

Bleacher Repair | Equipment Service | Refurbishment

Bleacher Repair

Equipment Service

Nickerson offers complete on-site maintenance and repair programs to keep your seating system safe and up to code. These services include:


  • Safety Inspections

  • Factory Certified Part Replacements

  • Renovation and Repair

  • Yearly Maintenance Contracts

  • Operational Enhancements

Maintenance of your equipment is integral for students, teachers, and custodial safety.
It is also necessary for: 


• Extending the life of the equipment
• Retaining functionality
• Maintaining Appearance


Refurbishment can change the entire appearance of your lockers at a fraction of the cost of entire replacement.

Nickerson uses Insl-X Electrostatic Paint on the outside and/or inside of lockers. This two part process restores your lockers to a new-like finish. Nickerson can also replace your old, unsafe, lift handle with our patented recessed locker cup. 

Tuff Deck Supports
Ensure proper bleacher operation as well

as student safety.


  Students will always climb onto closed bleachers; it's a fact of school life. Their added weight on the top rows causes the under structure to sag and the frame arms to bend which can compromise bleacher operation as well as student safety.
    TUFFDECK Supports help reduce bleacher damage, good news for educational facility managers who want to protect their seating investment. Because TUFFDECK Supports enhance bleacher safety, they reduce a school's liability risk, too. 
  As a Hussey Regional Service Center dealer, you can use TUFFDECK to demonstrate Hussey's ongoing commitment to quality, performance, and safety. For more information, or to place your first order, contact Nickerson Service.

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Nickerson Retrofitting

  Nickerson Service can retrofit your schools TPL (Two Person Lockers) and turn them into impressive new lockers.  We use your existing frame and replace the doors for a brand new, cost efficient solution.

We Also Offer


Automatic Winch System

Allows for the user to automatically lift and lower backboards with the push of a button.  No more manually cranking backboards into position.


Height Adjuster

•For rectangular or fan-shaped backboards
•Direct mount 8’-10’ manual or motorized 
Height Adjusters
•Inclues height scale graduated in 1” increments and labeled at 6” intervals.